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Let me explain the white Attorney in Christ seal. By faith alone I received eternal life as a free gift from Jesus Christ. I strive to glorify Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A.Him in all that I do, including my law practice. In my life, I fall short of that goal at times, but I press on. God does not discriminate against people because of their race, faith, age, gender or any other factor. He loves everyone and offers the free gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. I enjoy praying with clients of like faith, and seeking God’s help in all that we do. Because God does not discriminate in His love, I do not discriminate in my legal practice. I answer my own telephone at 321.779.1211 and welcome your call. Probate Attorney │+Personal Legal Care+


Simple Guide to Probate │ LawOnline Probate │321.779.1211

Welcome to LawOnline Probate. LawOnline Probate provides legal service to all of Florida, including Indialantic, Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, Patrick Air Force Base, Rockledge, Viera, Titusville, Port St. John, Suntree, Palm Shores, South Patrick Shores, Indian Harbour Beach, Satellite Beach, Merritt Island, Cape Canaveral, Malaber, Micco, Grant-Valkaria. We do not have to meet in my office in some probate cases. We may be able to handle everything through online and electronic means. Simple Guide to Probate │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.779.1211

Simple Guide to Probate │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.779.1211

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Florida Probate Overview

LawOnline Probate provides attorney services for estate planning,  probate, living trusts, summary administration, formal administration, guardianship, and online help for people needing help with probate in Florida. So, if you live outside of Florida, and need help settling a probate matter in Florida, please give me a call at 321.779.1211. I have probated estates in North Florida, Central Florida and South Florida. Locally, I help people in Satellite Beach, Melbourne Beach, Indialantic, Melbourne, Eau Gallie, Rockledge, Viera, Cocoa Beach, Cocoa, Palm Bay, and all of Florida. I answer my own telephone at 321.779.1211 and give personal attention to each call and each case. Simple Guide to Probate │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.779.1211

If you have been named a personal representative under a Florida will, then I can provide help in understanding the probate process and guiding you through the court system. I have outlined some basics below. Simple Guide to Probate │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.779.1211

 Three Forms of Probate

Florida Probate law provides different types of probate. In Florida, you may file for Summary Administration, Formal Administration, and Disposition of Personal Property without Administration. I have experience with all three types of probate. Not every estate will qualify for each type of probate. We will need to take time to determine which type of probate may be best. Before you hire a probate attorney, I suggest you discuss attorney’s fees with the attorney. Attorney Herbert Allen has experience with Florida probate case. I answer my own telephone at 321.779.1211 and I welcome your call. Free initial consultation. Simple Guide to Probate │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.779.1211

Summary Administration

Summary Administration provides a stream-lined form of probate, without appointing a personal representative. In Florida Statute 735.203, you may read about a petition for summary administration. Not every probate estate will qualify for summary administration. Florida Statute 735.201 limits the types of estates that qualify for summary administration. If you want to know more about summary administration, and its benefits and limitations, then please contact Attorney Herbert Allen. Compared to formal administration, I generally charge less in attorney’s fees  for estates that qualify for summary administration. I recommend that we carefully review the probate matters and make a clear decision about what form of probate to follow. In some cases, the probate matter may qualify for summary administration, but other issues may call for a formal administration. I have experience with summary administration. I answer my own telephone and welcome your call at 321.779.1211. Free initial consultation. Simple Guide to Probate │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.779.1211

Formal Administration

Formal Administration involves appointing a personal representative, admitting the will to probate (if the decedent left a valid will), notifying creditors and beneficiaries, collecting and managing assets, paying the valid and timely claims of creditors, dealing with exemptions, allowances and special claims, distributing assets, and closing the estate. Of course, I can only hit some of the highlights here, and I did not describe everything that takes place in a probate case. The personal representative has special duties and powers and I provide legal advice to personal representatives as they administer probate estates. If you need help with a probate matter, please call attorney Herbert Allen. I have experience with formal administration. I answer my own telephone at 321.779.1211 and welcome your call. Free initial consultation. Simple Guide to Probate │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.779.1211

Disposition without Administration

Florida probate law allows for the special distribution of exempt personal property, if the estate qualifies under Florida Statute 735.301. In order to qualify, the estate of the decedent must: (1) leave property exempt from the claims of creditors; and (2) the value of the nonexempt property must not exceed the “sum of the amount of the preferred funeral expenses and the reasonable and necessary medical and hospital expenses of the last 60 days of of the last illness.” As you can see, this form of probate has very tight restrictions. Attorney Herbert Allen has experience with Disposition without Administration. If you have questions, please call me. I answer my own telephone at 321.237.2869 and welcome your call. Free initial consultation. Simple Guide to Probate 

How Long Does Probate Take?

As you can see from the discussion above, the length of the probate case depends in part upon the type of probate. The case may take from a few weeks to many months, and in some cases, a year or more. In some cases, the personal representative must be careful to notify heirs who may not be found easily. In other cases, it may take time to sell property and distribute assets. Sometimes, lawsuits arise because someone feels they are entitled to money or property from the probate estate, or someone wants to challenge the will or bring another matter before the court for a decision. Lawsuits may extend the length of the probate and may cost the estate more in attorney’s fees. Other factors may also delay closure of the probate estate. Patience may be a strong virtue at times when probating estates. Even so, the personal representative must make a reasonable effort to close the estate as soon as possible. Simple Guide to Probate │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.779.1211

Florida Probate Basics

If you have questions about serving as personal representative of a probate estate, and seek help with a Florida probate case, Attorney Herbert Allen can guide you through the probate process. I have been practicing in the the Melbourne area for many years and have experience in the Brevard County Probate Court. If you have a fairly small probate estate, we may be able to move through the probate process fairly quickly using Summary Administration. If your case will not qualify for Summary Administration, then Formal Administration provides another path for moving the estate through the court process. Formal probate administration involves filing an inventory, providing a notice to creditors, notifying interested parties, accounting for finances, distributing assets, and performing all the things required by probate law.   Probate involves conducting a diligent search for creditors, objecting to improper claims, searching for both assets and creditors, and filing different notices with different entities.  Probate takes time and effort. Depending upon several factors, Florida law provides for different types of probate proceedings.  The law seeks to protect the rights of everyone involved in the process without making the procedures too great a burden for everyone to endure.  I answer my own telephone at 321.779.1211. 

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I serve my clients personally and try to help my clients through the probate process. Because I answer my own telephone, I try to deliver +personal legal care+ for each person I represent. For me, you will always be a person first, with all your concerns and questions about probate. I enjoy helping people facing the probate process. Brevard County Probate Attorney │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.779.1211

LawOnline Probate Guide
I have experience with different forms of Florida Probate Law, including Summary Administration, Formal Administration, Ancillary Administration, other forms of administration. People from various states contact me to help them probate estates in Florida. Because of my probate experience, I have an understanding of how the probate system works. Many of my clients seek to reduce the time probate takes. I cannot make any promises on how long probate will take. In Brevard County, the probate clerks work diligently to process the probate cases. At times, they have a backlog of cases. It takes time and patience to work through the probate process. Even so, generally, Summary Administration will often take less time than Formal Administration. Not all cases will qualify for Summary Administration. We must be careful to choose the right kind of probate to achieve the best outcome. Speed may not always be the only factor in determining which form of probate to file. I answer my own telephone and welcome your call to 321.779.1211. Melbourne Probate Attorney │
LawOnline Probate │ 321.779.1211

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In my practice, I use technology to our advantage. We can meet by Skype or other means of internet connections. Telephones provide great communications to answer questions and have confidential discussions. Email provides a channel of communication using the internet, which often allows me to send documents quickly to clients, no matter where they may be in the United States and even overseas. Melbourne Probate Attorney │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.779.1211


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Probate requires attention to details and timing. The Florida Probate Code requires that you take action to protect some of your legal rights. If you do not act correctly and quickly, you may lose valuable legal rights. If you have probate questions, please give me a call at 321.779.1211. I answer my own telephone con welcome your call. 

Probate Practice Law Practice

I enjoy probate practice because we strive to bring closure to important legal matters. Real estate can be transferred, bank accounts distributed, and many other things can be done in probate to settle legal affairs. I try to help people resolve their probate matters with +Personal Legal Care+. I aim to take the stress out of a difficult time by doing the legal work necessary to move things along. I answer my own telephone at 321.779.1211 and welcome your call. 

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