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R.G., CPA Colorado 2018

“Thank you so much, for all your patience and efforts in resolving this issue for my mom and dad’s estates.”

J.B., M.B., Florida 2018

“We can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond to help us with our situation. God bless you.”

J.M., J.M., Florida 2019

“We don’t have words to express how pleasing it is for us to have you workingwith us.”

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Attorney in Christ

Let me explain the white Attorney in Christ seal. By faith alone I received eternal life as a free gift from Jesus Christ. I strive to glorify Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A.Him in all that I do, including my law practice. In my life, I fall short of that goal at times, but I press on. God does not discriminate against people because of their race, faith, age, gender or any other factor. He loves everyone and offers the free gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. I enjoy praying with clients of like faith, and seeking God’s help in all that we do. Because God does not discriminate in His love, I do not discriminate in my legal practice. I answer my own telephone at 321.779.1211 and welcome your call. Probate Attorney │+Personal Legal Care+


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Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A., located at 1360 S. Patrick Dr., Satellite Beach, FL 32937, provides general practice legal services, and I have more than twenty-five years of attorney experience in many areas of civil practice, including civil litigation in Brevard County, Florida, Central Florida, North Florida and South Florida.  I answer my own telephone at 321.779.1211 and offer a free initial consultation.

Most Important Event in My Life.  I accepted the free gift of salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ by repenting of my sins (Romans 3:23) and placing my faith in Jesus for immediate and eternal forgiveness of sins (Romans 5:8).  I became born again the moment I trusted Christ Jesus and believed that He died for me on the cross (Romans 10:9-10).  I deserved the death penalty for my sins (Romans 6:23), but Jesus has paid that death penalty for me.  As I live with my Lord Jesus risen from the dead, I now have eternal life in me by His grace and through His faith given to me as free gift (Ephesians 2:8-9).  He offers you the same gift.  Please call me at 321.779.1211 to hear more of my testimony for Jesus Christ and how you can know for sure that you have eternal life.  

I often ask people this question:  Imagine you were to die tonight, and you were standing before Jesus.  Then imagine further that Jesus asked you: “Why should I let you into my heaven?”    What would you say?  I would truly enjoy talking with you about your answer. 321.779.1211.

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      • Diploma (1974), Satellite High School, Satellite Beach, Florida
      • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (1977), University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
      • Master of Divinity, Systematic Theology (1980), Talbot Theological Seminary, La Mirada, California
      • Master of Science in Counseling (1980), California State University, Fullerton, Fullerton, California
      • Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology  of Religion (1988), Baylor University, Waco, Texas
      • Juris Doctor (with Honors), University of Florida (1990), Gainesville, Florida

Practice Experience

I have practiced law since 1990, after being born and raised in Brevard County, Florida.  I have handled many types of civil cases, and have litigated cases in many parts of Florida in both Federal and State Courts.  I have experience with formal administration, trust administration, summary administration, ancillary administration, and other forms of probate administration. I have handled probate cases in North Florida, Central Florida and South Florida. 

I was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1990, and have practiced before courts in many parts of Florida. I am admitted to all state courts in Florida, and also a member of the Federal Courts for the Northern District of Florida and the Middle District of Florida.

Attorney Profile │ Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. │ +Personal Legal Care+

Practice Areas

Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. offers legal services in the following areas of law:

Free Consultation

If you need legal help or seek a second legal opinion, please give me a call at 321.779.1211. I answer my own telephone and welcome your call. I have practiced law in the Satellite Beach-Indian Harbour Beach area for many years.

Attorney Profile │ Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. │ +Personal Legal Care+



Probate Attorney │+Personal Legal Care+  

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