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Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. dedicates this website to LawOnline Probate.


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Probate in Melbourne Beach, FL 32951      


32951 Probate Attorney │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.237.2869

I have roots in the Melbourne Beach, FL 32951 community. I graduated from Gemini Elementary School in Melbourne Beach, FL 32951 the first year it was open. I am familiar with life in Melbourne, Beach FL 32951 and I once lived on Shannon Avenue. I have seen many changes in Melbourne Beach, FL 32951, although many things have remained the same. The Melbourne Beach, FL 32951 pier provided many happy times for fishing in the Indian River as a child. After graduating from Satellite High School in 1974, I later graduated from  the University of Florida Law School (Juris Doctor, with Honors). I have practiced probate law since then, along with other areas of law. Probate law has changed over the years, and the Brevard Courts have also changed. Some of my clients cannot come to my office in Satellite Beach, FL 32937. LawOnline Probate may be perfect for them. I have helped people living in Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Virginia, and other states with their probate needs in Florida.  32951 Probate Attorney │ LawOnline Probate │321.237.2869


Seven Pillars of LawOnline Probate

LawOnline Probate rests upon seven pillars supporting this law practice. Each pillar provides important support and they all work together for the benefit of the people I serve. I cannot guarantee particular outcomes in every legal case, but I strive to glorify God in all that I do. At times I fall short, but I press on. I truly enjoy serving Jesus Christ through serving people needing help with probate matters. I do not discriminate against anyone based upon religion, age, race or any other factor. God the Father sent His only Son to die for the sins of the entire world. God welcomes everyone into His family through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. I base my practice upon Jesus Christ and His directions for living found in the Bible. Please keep in mind that I am not perfect and have not lived a perfect life. Walking in the Light means the God forgives me for all of my sins, even the ones I commit each day. I never have a sinless day, but I always have Jesus helping me help my clients. 32951 Probate Attorney │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.237.2869


Pillar One: Attorney in Christ

God loves sinners. I try to spend time everyday sharing the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. He came to give His life to take away the death penalty I deserve as a sinner. One day, I received the free gift of salvation by faith alone. I believe that Jesus died for me, rose from the dead, and will return to earth one day. I strive to live daily to serve Jesus and to accomplish the work He has given me to do. I love people and enjoy helping them through difficult times. To learn more about what Attorney in Christ means, click the white box above. 32951 Probate Attorney │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.237.2869


Pillar Two: +Personal Legal Care+

I serve my clients personally and try to help my clients through the probate process. I make it a point to listen to my clients and understand their concerns. Every client has unique circumstances that require careful analysis and personal attention. Things can be very stressful after the death of a loved one. I listen first, and then strive to provide compassionate, personal legal care. I answer my own telephone and generally make myself available to all my clients. I try to answer calls from my clients even after normal business hours. Because I answer my own telephone, I strive to deliver personal care for each person I represent. For me, you will always be a person first, with all your concerns and questions about probate. I enjoy helping people facing the probate process. 32951 Melbourne Beach Probate Attorney │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.237.2869


Pillar Three: Communication

■ Probate Guide. I try to answer promptly communications from my clients. At times, people have questions, worries, doubts, or other things that may be distressing them. Time pressures often mount. Probate can be stressful, but I strive to provide comfort through knowledge and timely action. In other words, we may be to able act now to remedy a problem by applying the law correctly. Worrying never produces good results, but faithful actions may lead to very good results.


Pillar Four: Details

In probate matters, details often matter. We need to gain a complete overview of the facts, and then analyze each situation carefully. We have to make decisions about real estate, businesses, income, debts, expenses, filing paperwork with the court and other places, and doing many things quickly to be sure we cover all the legal bases. As a team, we work together to move through the probate process. 32951 Probate Attorney │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.237.2869


Pillar Five: Analysis

Over my many years of legal practice, I have dealt with probate cases in different areas of Florida: North Florida, Central Florida, South Florida. Each case requires careful analysis because probate law comes in different flavors. I mean that one form of probate does not suit every situation, and we need to make careful choices. As an attorney, I analyze the facts and see how the probate laws apply to those facts. Even then, we have to make many decisions about to move through the probate process. In the end, my clients make the final decisions regarding probate matters; I provide legal advice regarding those decisions. 32951 Probate Attorney │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.237.2869


Pillar Six: Truthfulness

Truthfulness really matters when dealing with judges and courts. Hiding assets, concealing things and hoping no one ever knows, or just plain lying often leads to disaster. I promise to be truthful with you, and you must make the same promise to me. Telling the truth, especially in everything pertaining to all probate matters, will be a blessing, not a curse. Do not lie to anyone about the probate assets; of course, many aspects of probate remain confidential, so not just anyone gets to know everything. If you have doubts about what to say, please call me for legal advice before your say anything. Truthfulness covers many things. For example, if you take a valuable ring, or hide some money, or otherwise take advantage of someone else, you risk serious penalties from the court. All documents filed in court require absolute candor, which means you are not lying or misleading the court. You often sign documents in probate court under penalty of perjury. Therefore, we must deal with all the assets, and all the facts, and all the people with truthfulness. If you do not intend to tell me truth, then find another attorney. 32951 Probate Attorney │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.237.2869


Pillar Seven: Completeness

Completeness means that we try our best to tie up all the loose ends, and leave nothing undone. I will try to communicate with you promptly and provide timely updates on the case. I expect that you will be available to discuss the case and provide information. At times, we may need to move quickly to protect legal rights. Completeness also means that we can say at the end of the case, which may be very far down the road no matter how diligent we are, that we have done the job well. or other financial institutions and hopefully they will follow the order.


Florida Probate Basics

I have been practicing in the Melbourne Beach, FL 32951 area for more than twenty-five years. I know the  Brevard County Probate Court. The probate process often starts with a petition for administration. Two common types of probate are Summary Administration and Formal Administration. In Formal Administration, someone seeks to become the personal representative. In Summary Administration, the court does not appoint a personal representative. Filing the correct paperwork becomes very important at every stage of the probate process. Experience helps in making probate decisions.

Free Consultation

Lawonline Probate uses technology to help people with probate and estate planning needs in Indialantic, FL 32903. We may use online means and other electronic communications to move cases forward and prepare important paperwork. I provide personal legal care for each person I help as a lawyer. When you need legal advice concerning estates & trusts, probate, trust administration, or have other legal needs, please give me a call. I answer my own telephone at 321.237.2869 and welcome your call.  32951 Probate Attorney │ LawOnline Probate │ 321.237.2869



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